Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy Q&A on 8/5

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Karen McGrane will be coming to Washington DC on Monday August 5th for a special Q&A session. This meetup is the perfect event for any UX practitioner, whether you’re a budding content strategist, formidable user researcher or an information architecture maestro. She brings over 15 years of experience and an opportunity to learn from one of the premier leaders in field of content strategy. She recently spoke at the Information Architecture (IA) 2013 Summit, which you can view the full set of slides or view the full transcript for here.

Karen’s maintains a blog at karenmcgrane.com, and is an excellent primer of the type of discussion you can expect for her Q&A on 8/5. Her articles vary from the current state of the mobile web to where she thinks the future of interfaces will become.

There are currently over 160 people signed up to attend this meeting, which makes for a very full house on Monday night. However, there’s still time to put yourself on the wait list to attend.

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